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Goodbye Malaria / Made in South africa

Felt Bookmark


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    Keep track of your last escapade recorded in your journal, or return to your world of adventure in your book with these cute bookmarks.

    As these bookmarks are handmade, we cannot be certain what colour materials will be available. So, pick your shape, and let us surprise you with a colour!

    Goodbye Malaria felt bookmarks are locally made. Not just saving your place in your book, but saving lives too!

    Approximate total length: 37cm. Shape: 6cm (w) x 5cm (h).


    Made from recycled plastic bottles. Approximate total length: 37cm. Shape: 6cm (w) x 5cm (h).

    Lives Protected

    Proceeds from the sale of this item go towards our on-the-ground malaria elimination programme’s in Southern Africa.

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